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October Membership Meeting Minutes
Posted On: Nov 02, 2017

Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s Independent Guild

General Membership Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017 – 1900 Hours

South Hill Precinct Training Room

Executive Board Members: Anderson, Bird, Paluck, Westfall, Wilson, Tjossem, Nicodemus

Members: R. Carter, B. Anderson, Byrd, J. Brown, W. Sargent, Finch, Moss Sr., Maas, LaTour

Minutes:  Motion to Waive Reading / B. Anderson

                  Second / Bird – Vote passed

Treasurer’s Report:

                  Homestreet Money Market - $56,399.43

                  Tapco Checking - $299,494.22

                  Tapco Savings – $5918.16

Motion to Accept / Carter          Second / Wilson

Vote passed

Labor Management Update:

Career Rotation:  Admin has asked to remove career exempt positions and make them a 5 year + 1 year (indefinitely) based on performance and / or Department need or direction.

Glock:  Scheduled for mid-October or early November transition.  Members will have to shoot 2 PPC’s if going from a .40 to a .9mm.  More practice and PPC if going to a different weapon.

Community Liaison Program:  New County Executive budget has CLD Supervisor included.  Waiting on the County Council to approve.  Still no description of the position duties or expectations.  Waiting on Kym Craven, consultant for PCSD, to finish her proposal.

Parks Patrol:  Remains an issue as to who is eligible.  Admin wants / is working on plan for OT selection.

Overtime:  Admin wants a cohesive plan for overtime within the Department.  Considering bringing all outside OT in-house as well.  Volunteers were asked for OT Committee.  Westfall will chair committee, Mark Berry is assisting.  Please contact Westfall if interested or you have input.

L&I Appointments:  Risk Management had stated members were not allowed to attend medical appointments on County time when on L&I.  Guild brought in legal assistance who showed it was a flawed interpretation and members remain able to attend appointments during their light duty work day.

Demand to Bargain:  Lt. duties were given to new Chief of Staff w/o discussion.  Met with Admin and post discussion Lt’s grievance prevailed.  Duties return to status quo.

Facebook:  Citizen called in complaint about what was posted on PCSD page.  Initial confusion about who had access to page, learned it was Lauren Wallin.  Admin could not answer who was her supervisor and initially stated Troyer.  Troyer, as detective, cannot supervise and it was determined Bomkamp is supervisor.  If future issues with the County page please refer to Wallin and Bomkamp.

Use of Force Forms:  Forms will be submitted to first level supervisor.  If supervisor has questions they can send to DT for review.  If no questions the form then goes up the chain.

ARB:  PITs are currently going to the Accident Review Board.  Discussion that it is the wrong forum and should go to BOPS.  Traffic Lt. gets to decide if PIT is reviewed by ARB.  Ongoing discussion.

Backdated Personnel Order:  Wulick had been made temporary Detachment Investigator but never made formal or provided personnel order.  Budget and Finance found error in FTE and Admin wanted to backdate the personnel order to when Wulick stepped in.  Wulick grieved and prevailed.  Will get CPO points and be allowed to be Cat 1 when the position reopens.

Grievance SIU:  A member grieved a recent board for an open position where they were not allowed to board as their letter of recommendation was from a Sergeant in their chain but not direct supervisor.  After discussion EBoard determined the language in posting was vague and inadequate and have grieved the decision.  Language now fixed to state must be immediate supervisor.

Phlebotomy Program:  10 deputies have started training.  Chairs at South Hill, PSSP and Jail.  Will start January 1.  10 more deputies to be trained in spring.

Instructors per Shift:  No longer a topic.

CSO Uniform:  No update, CSO’s still looking at options.

Bike Patrol:  No numbers or stats available.  Few shifts filled.

SRO’s Vacation:  New consideration to not allow SRO’s to take vacation unless on school breaks.  Ongoing.

Seatbelts:  All personnel are REQUIRED to wear seatbelts in County vehicles.  Admin wants ARB to automatically add 4 points to finding if it is determined you were not wearing a seat belt at time of accident.

Body Cams:  Off Labor Management discussion and moved to contract negotiations.

LOU Military Deployment:  Allows up to 28 hours of work to maintain benefits and accruals.

IA:  Discussion on not allowing weapons to be worn during IA interviews.  Ongoing.

Regional OIS Team:  Admin is asking if joining TPD only in a regional team would be amenable.  No interest at this time and it should be noted that TPD Guild has not been approached.

UP Request:  University Place wants to not allow any staff to take July 4 off as part of their contract.  Is under review and remains ongoing.

Peer Support:  More Peer members needed.  Admin was resistant to allowing more and current members offered to give up their CPO points if positions could be added.  Believe it has been agreed on and being finalized.

Social Security Positions:  SS want 4 detectives on Task Force to investigate fraud.  Asking that if selected detectives could not serve as instructor or on special teams.

OIS Investigative Process:  Westfall voiced concern recent interview was held over.  Discussion about better for members, dependent on how long individual(s) had been up, fatigue, etc.  Meeting will be held with CID and Eboard.

Policy re: Firing at Vehicles:  New policy (draft) was presented at Labor Management.  Westfall stated policy not needed, training issue.  Discussion held as five of last seven shootings involved vehicles. 

Contract Negotiation Update:

Dates set, County hired Summit Law Firm, Mid November and December dates scheduled.

First Reading of MOU for Career Rotation and Length of Service:  Discussion held.  Much back and forth.  Second reading and vote in November.

No Old Business.

No New Business.

It was announced that former Deputy Reggie Ray had passed away early in the day. 

Good of Order:  Westfall (donated to Scholarship Fund), Byrd, J. Brown and LaTour.

General Membership Meeting

September 5, 2017 at 1900 Hours

South Hill Precinct Training Room

Eboard:  Westfall, Anderson, Tjossem, Paluck

Members: J. Brown, Hirschi, Hefty, S. Sanchez, Cropp, Finch, Redding, Sargent

Minutes: Motion to waive- Cropp.  Second- Hefty

Vote passed

Treasurer’s Report:

Tapco Checking: $239,867.67

Tapco Savings: $5783.01

Money Market: $56,377.93

Benevolent Fund Checking: $424.34

Benevolent Fund Savings: $509,000.31

Motion to Accept: Cropp  - Second: Anderson

Vote passed

Labor Management Update:

Career Rotation:  Draft drawn up.  As previously discussed Career Exempt positions to change to 5 + 1 + 1 (to infinity).

Glocks:  Waiting to arrive and transition to start. 

CLD’s:  Still trying to convert one position to Sergeant.  Waiting on County Council to determine.  A Det. Sergeant will take over Background and Training and Sergeant FTE will move to CLD position.

Staffing Requests:  Admin requested a CLD Supervisor, A non-commissioned Community Policing Coordinator, 2 Lieutenants, and 13 deputies.

Parks Patrol:  D12 gets 50% of overtime at Lk. Tapps, rest based on seniority.  Discussion into fairness and desire to change. (Westfall)

Peer Support:  Peer have requested safes downtown where video rooms are for OIS.  Working on adding more Peer Support members.  Discussion on need for deputies at OIS, but don’t fire weapon, to have some time off if needed.

L&I:  Risk Management told Admin illegal to attend medical appointments on County time if on L&I.  U/S will allow to attend until matter is resolved.

Chief of Staff Position:  Some duties given to new Chief of Staff from Lt. Fajardo.  Demand to bargain filed.

PIO:  Issues with Facebook page brought up regarding chain of command and who controls page.

UOF Forms:  Blue Team now goes to supervisor who can send it to DT staff if they have questions.  Discussion held.

PIT Reviews:  Guild is concerned PIT review should go to BOPS and not ARB.  Discussion ongoing.

Staffing Study:  Roll out soon

Phlebotomy Program:  Will start January 2018 with 10 deputies.

Instructors Per Shift:  No updates

CSO Uniforms:  No updates

Bike Patrol:  Problems scheduling for shifts.  No answer if continuing in 2018

SIU Changes:  None at this time regarding length of time allowed in assignment.

SRO Vacation:  On hold

Seat Belts:  Admin states issue with personnel not wearing.  Make sure you do, consideration for IPR or other discipline if not wearing.

Body Cameras:  Contract Issue

MOU Military Leave:  Will reinstate MOU allowing members to work 28 hours a week to maintain benefits and accruals.

Prohibiting Weapons in IA:  Under discussion

Regional OIS Team:  Admin asked for consideration for team with TPD.

Promotional Question:  Sheriff asked if someone declined a promotion can you still leave them on list and pull one more person up for consideration.  Body’s position of no, and that individual who declined should be removed.

Contract Negotiations:  Waiting for dates.  Carillo may be replaced by County as he is retiring soon.

New Business:  Mike Ferguson from Nationwide willing to come in and meet with members regarding financial planning.  Reminder to members to have / update legal docs such as wills (estate) and living wills / directives.

Good of Order:  Tjossem, Hirschi, Cropp, Sargent.

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