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  January 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes
  Fundriser for the McCartney family
  Meeting 11-10-09
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  South Sound 911 Update
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  Update on Nissen Appeal: Opening Brief
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  PCDSIG Retiree Stipend Fund
  Certificate of Deposit - 11/20/2009
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  Meeting Minutes from 6/2/15 Meeting Posted
  February General Membership Meeting Minutes
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  September General Membership Meeting
  Guild Contract Negotiation Priorities
  Easter Bunny Visit and Photos
  2012 Contract Ratification Vote Opens 12/21 at 08:00
  2006-2008 CSO Contract
  2009 Guild Contract
  2009 State of the Guild
  MOU Binder Update
  2015 Guild Elections - 2/6 - 2/13
  General Membership Meeting Agenda
  Special Guild Meeting RE: Changes to Firearms MOU 7/14 @1300 - SH Turnout
  PCDS Guild Firearm Recommendation 2017
  A Time for Sadness - A Message from Chaplin Rick Bulman
  2015 Guild Elections Results Posted
  Meeting Minutes for August 2015
  Glock Info From Firearms Committee
  Guild Picnic July 29th 11-7
  MOU Binder Updated
  WA Supreme Court Ruling on Cell PhoneRecords of Public Employees
  March General Membership Meeting Minutes
  Agenda for April 5 General Membership Meeting
  August Guild Meeting Cancelled
  VOTE POSTED: Should Guild Endorse a Candidate for Sheriff in 2012?
  Important Message on Your Teamsters Coverage
  Vote for Exec Board Position 4 - Closes on Feb. 15th
  Updated Beneficiary Form Posted
  2013-2015 Guild Contract Posted
  Police Unity Tour - T-Shirt Fundraiser
  General Membership Meeting January 3, 2017
  Central Leave Pool Usage 2010 - Final
  Central Leave Pool Usage 2011 Q1
  FOR Golf Tournament - Oct 4 2013
  Guild Christmas Party Update
  Heacock Home Makeover Donors
  Shield Night - Cheney Stadium, April 7
  Court Marshal Opening - City of Seattle
  Retiree Stipend Parameters
  Agenda - General Membership Meeting
  New Year
  Easter Bunny Visit / Photo Op
  An update...such as it is
  Arbitrator's Decision Regarding Health Insurance
  June General Membership Meeting Agenda
  NEWS: Asheville Police ‘Overhiring’ To Cover Turnover
  2/24/18 - Dep. McCartney Luncheon Fundraiser
  General Membership Meeting Agenda
  The Tuesday, July 1, 2014 General Membership Meeting has been canceled for lack of agenda items.
  2014 Survey Closes on Thursday, July 3, 2014
  PCDS Guild Contract Negotiation Priorities
  Agenda for March 1 General Membership Meeting
  WACOPS Update 6/12/2017
  WACOPS : Legislative Action on Use of Deadly Force
  McCartney Family Benefit Concert - March 29, 6-11pm @ The Swiss
  Guild Member Health Benefit Cost Breakdown
  Formal Complaint
  General Membership Meeting Agenda
  WACOPS 2017 Legislative Priorities
  Guild Meeting 9/5
  Agenda / General Membership Meeting
  Coping After Suicide
  First Responder Cigar Night, March 15 at 5:30pm
  Long Term Disability Policy and Claim Form Posted
  Time Loss Packet Posted
  Amicus Briefs: Court of Appeals Argument Audio
  General Membership Meeting Agenda
  June General Membership Meeting Minutes
  July General Membership Meeting Cancelled
  July 5th Special Meeting
  Overtime committee
  November Meeting Agenda
  Heroes Weekend at Wild Waves May 26-28
  Update September 12,2009
  2009 Amended Budget
  2009 Expense Report - YTD
  Special Meeting
  Meeting Minutes for Special Membership Meeting 07-05-16
  December Meeting Agenda
  WACOPS Press Release on I-940
  We're still talking
  S.H.I.E.L.D. Night at Cheney Stadium - April 15th, 2013
  WACOPS Update
  November General Meeting Agenda
  May General Membership Meeting Minutes
  June General Membership Meeting Agenda
  WACOPS Week 3 Legislative Update
  February General Membership Meeting Agenda
  May General Membership Meeting Agenda
  2010 Expense Report - YTD
  Membership Meeting Cancelled
  Agenda for 6/5/12 Guild Meeting
  November General Membership Meeting Minutes
  December General Membership Meeting
  Inslee statement on Dallas police shooting
  Dallas Chief Leads Department Amid Tragedy - Dallas Morning News
  2011 Expense Report Spreadsheet
  Stand With Those Who Serve - July 15th
  Merrival Whistleblower Documentation
  Meeting Minutes from 5/5/15 Meeting
  December General Membership Meeting Minutes
  September GM Meeting Minutes
  Contract Chief Committee
  April 7 General Membership Meeting Agenda
  Full Text of Independent Report of Prosecutor Misconduct Commissioned by Pierce County HR
  General Membership Meeting Agenda
  Northwestern Mutual Investment Proposal
  September General Membership Meeting
  2014 Pierce County Benefit Ride - July 19-20
  Meeting Minutes 9/1/15
  Candidate Endorsement Requests
  Benevolent Fund - Knife Sale
  Minutes from 4/7/15 General Membership Meeting
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